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Landscape Gardeners Yarm

Outdoor spaces can add immense value to your property. A beautiful wooden deck, a manicured lawn or a flower garden can turn a dull outdoor area into a vibrant environment that oozes warmth and comfort. Achieving that perfect look on the exterior is tedious work that is best left to professionals. Lion Lawns are one of the companies you can hire in Yarm and the surrounding areas for a broad range of garden landscaping services.

The perfect outdoor space isn’t the same for everyone. For you, it might be a coloured brick-paved driveway with a small patio on the side of the property. Another homeowner might prefer a fenced garden with some seasonal plants. At Lion Lawns, we cater to all these needs and more. We have a team of experts skilled in different aspects. Whatever your outdoor space demands, you can count on our professional team, who can bring your vision to life.

We are equipped to handle landscaping Yarm projects of different sizes. By investing in modern equipment and the latest techniques, we ensure that every client receives the best service possible. Our landscapers have worked with property owners in various regions and built an admirable portfolio. They excel at envisioning designs. Tell us what your ideal space looks like, and we will make it happen. We offer consultation services as well in case you require assistance with various elements of a landscaping project.

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Artificial grass & landscaping experts in Yarm

A laying of lush grass can transform your exterior into a stunning beauty that makes an unforgettable statement at first glance. Real grass, however, can be challenging to grow and even harder to maintain. Consider the stress of having to weed the grass, water it regularly and keep it looking good. Besides the work that goes into that, you have to also factor in the costs. Artificial grass saves you a significant amount of trouble. To provide the appearance of real grass without its downsides, you can have synthetic turf put in around your property. Artificial turf has come a long way: now, buyers have quality grass that is hard to differentiate from the real thing. Lion Lawns have experience installing various types of artificial turf in Yarm and its surrounding areas. Our expertise is exactly what your outdoor space needs for whatever look you have in mind.

Artificial grass installation Yarm

With all the tasks you have to handle in a day, taking care of the grass in your front or backyard might be the last thing you want to think about. Astro turf doesn’t demand as much attention from you. After installation, count on us for the maintenance of your lawn. We are available to work with you from the start of a project. Landscaping companies will evaluate every aspect of the area, including size and design. The point is to install synthetic turf that compliments the rest of the exterior. If it’s your first installation, we can help you settle on the right products. Do away with the stress of watering grass during hot summer days, ugly brown patches on your lawn and stubborn weeds. Fit a beautiful synthetic turf and enjoy a low-maintenance lawn that can survive harsh weather and plenty of running.


Artificial Grass Installation Yarm

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Fencing Yarm

Do you have a nice garden that requires fencing? Lion Lawns fence company can help. We set up garden fences of superior quality materials. A simple fence can complete the look of your garden. You can pick from a variety of styles, colours and materials. We know that every homeowner has different requirements and it’s why we provide an array of choices for our customers. Whether you want a classic fence or a contemporary one, we have them all. Investing in the right fence is as critical as any other part of your landscaping. A good fence is not just about looking good; it must be functional as well.

You can get a fence to define the boundary of a plot of land. It doesn’t have to be intricate, just show where the territory is. Privacy is another reason to get a good fence. Keep prying eyes off your property as you work. You can also prevent children, intruders, and pets from getting into your garden. A fence can work wonders for your exterior decor. Whatever the goal, Lion Lawns can help you accomplish it. Our landscapers are some of the best you will come across in Yarm. They are well-trained, professional and skilled. If you wish to add decorative elements to your fence, we have an outstanding fencing contractor team. We ensure that every fence is sturdy, durable and constructed from the best materials.

Decking Yarm

Decking is a popular way for homeowners to alter the look of their outdoor space. The appeal of decking is that it can be anything you want it to be. It can be an extension of a den, providing a comfortable place to relax. You can have decking installed to serve as an alfresco dining area or it can be a lounging spot next to an outdoor hot tub. Let your creativity run as wild as the budget allows. The secret to perfect decking is choosing a suitable one and installing it right. Lion Lawns can assist you in both these aspects. We have decks in different materials that deliver the highest level of service. Decking has to put up with considerable punishment from the elements and foot traffic. For this reason, it has to be durable. We insist on quality materials that guarantee alluring decking that promises to last a long while.

Explain your vision for your deck, and we will make sure that it meets all the standards. Trust our installers in Yarm to deal with all the corresponding requirements of decking installation. Whether you prefer the low maintenance of composite or the natural look of wood, Lion Lawns can help you pick the appropriate decking material. Call us today for your free no obligations quotation!

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Patios Yarm

When looking to create an outdoor space in your home, a patio is a smart approach. A decent patio can provide a comfortable place where you can curl under a blanket on a cool evening as you barbecue or lounge in the sun on a summer day. Patios give life to even the simplest of gardens. You can opt to go all out with natural wood floors, luxurious furniture and an outdoor grill set up. Alternatively, you can have a few lounge chairs and pillows on your patio. The intentions you have for that space will determine the best approach. Of course, your budget matters as well. Lion Lawns can construct the perfect patio for your property. We factor in the spending and applications of the patio – creating the perfect solution for your outdoor space.

Installing a new patio can take a lot of work, particularly if the ground requires leveling. Some of the construction involved might have zoning requirements. Our experts can handle all the planning and building of the structure. We are efficient and ensure that homeowners don’t suffer unnecessary inconveniences. Each patio we construct has to adhere to specific quality standards. It needs to be robust, safe and long-lasting. Get in touch today to spruce up your outdoors with a magnificent patio from Lion Lawns.

Paving Yarm

Paving is one of the simplest ways to make your outdoor space aesthetically pleasing. A paved path or driveway can make a considerable difference in your home’s exterior. These surfaces are the first contact that visitors have with your home. Therefore, you want them to leave an impression. It’s a waste to have a wonderful garden at the back of the property that nobody will be inspired to see because the paths leading to it are overgrown or muddy when it rains. Paving various surfaces around a property can bring life to the whole exterior. Paved surfaces add kerb appeal, which contributes to the worth of a property. An investment in superior standard paving can mean a higher resale value for your property in Yarm.

Driveways and paths are not built the same. We cater to a myriad of options to guarantee that every client gets what works for them. You can select from a vast category of materials that range from traditional to modern. At Lion Lawns, we pave surfaces in many styles, including herringbone, stretcher bond, and stack bond. Pavers also differ in texture. If all this feels overwhelming, we can help you with advice about choosing the right paving. You can hire Lion Lawns to repair and maintain paved surfaces. Whether it’s brick or block paving, a driveway or patio, count our paving technicians to do a stellar job.

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