Who are we for?

Lion Lawns pride ourselves on creating artificial grass gardens and surfaces suitable for all of the family. That is why we only use synthetic turf that has passed numerous safety tests and we choose a British supplier so we can keep tight control over this process.


Our grass is perfect for children as it will not graze skin and they will be unable to pull the turf out. We provide shock pads for our safe play and sensory gardens  to ensure that a critical fall height landing is cushioned and absorbed by the shock pads springing back into shape afterwards.


Darlington artificial grass play area


Our turf is not just safe for pets but they love it too! We do however recommend that if you have a pet that likes to chew perhaps choose a shorter pile height such as Vision or Finesse Lite therefore they cannot grip onto the grass as easily.


Lion Lawns artificial grass is suitable for all pets

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The Whole Family!

Having a place that the whole family can enjoy whether it is rain or shine (yes fully weather proof as well!) is only an asset to every household.

For additional information on our grass surfaces, please refer to our contact page.