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Landscape Gardeners Thirsk

Would you like to own an outdoor area that looks unique? Do you desire nothing short of outstanding results? Then you may want to reach out to Lion Lawns’ experts, in order to get results that truly shine and make your outdoor space stand out. When done right, landscaping can enhance your mood day in, day out. Garden landscaping makes for a wise investment, since it will make your outdoor area more enjoyable for years to come, along with increasing the value of your property.

Soft and hard landscaping projects: what’s the difference?

To draw out the best of a garden area and make it both beautiful, as well as serviceable, it usually takes a mix of hardscaping, as well as softscaping skills. Softscaping includes installing artificial grass, planting or transplanting trees and anything else that involves roots and soil. Hardscaping covers all aspects of garden landscaping that involve constructions of any kind such as fencing, paving or installing a new decking or patio area.

What sets our garden landscaping services apart from the rest?

An experienced garden landscaping professional will be able to listen to you, understand your vision, and create a realistic action plan to make your dream a reality. We strive to go above and beyond what other landscape gardeners do, by providing a professional service with a human, personalised touch. You may ask us to surprise you with a unique landscaping project that makes the best of your outdoor area, or approach us with a long list of your ideas and preferences.  To get started, feel free to reach out to us today!

Landscaping Thirsk


Landscaping & artificial grass services for Thirsk

Everyone loves seeing a natural and well-maintained lawn, but not everyone is willing to do (or pay for) the on-going maintenance and effort it takes to achieve such a goal. There is nothing quite like natural grass, but when you realise how difficult it can be to keep a natural lawn looking flawless, in face of weather fluctuations, you may wonder if there is a more efficient alternative?

Luckily, there is such an alternative that is becoming increasingly popular – artificial grass.

Arificial grass installations Thirsk

There are many strong reasons why homeowners are now choosing artificial grass for their landscaping projects:

– Extended durability compared to natural lawn, with no on-going expenses or time consumption.

– Long-lasting value; superior cost-effectiveness compared to a natural lawn.

– It provides a very pleasant surface for gatherings, barbecues, parties, sports, and child’s play.

– No need to worry about watering, mowing or fertilising the lawn.

– It provides a lovely bright green area that will remain green and patch-free throughout the year.

– Artificial turf installation is a cleaner and more hygienic option since it’s not a breeding ground for bacteria.

– This material is quick to install and we can easily provide a cost estimation upon request.

It’s also worth noting that artificial lawns have never looked as realistic as they do now; these materials have evolved tremendously in recent years.

Artificial lawns are more common than you imagine

Given the current state of artificial grass, and provided the installation service is skillful, most people really won’t notice your lawn as fake unless they pay very close attention. This means there are many really good reasons to choose artificial grass and very few drawbacks. In fact, the only reason why some of our clients choose against getting an artificial turf is when they’re specifically interested in doing ongoing gardening and lawn maintenance as a hobby.

Here’s what sets our artificial grass service apart

There’s a simple reason why our clients choose our artificial grass laying service: we care about providing excellent service, tailored to you. We also get the job done quickly and effectively. This is how the process usually works:

Upon your initial contact, we’ll arrange a time to visit your property in order to take measurements and show you the diverse artificial grass options available to you. We’ll then get back to you with a fixed cost estimate, and if you approve it, we’ll schedule a date for artificial lawn installation. The laying process won’t usually take more than one day, and when finished, you will be able to enjoy your perfect lawn. Reach out to us today if you have any questions or would like to request a visit.

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Fencing Thirsk

If you are looking to have a little extra privacy in your garden, while improving its aesthetics, reach out to Lion Lawns and our excellent fencing contractors today! Our skill and professionalism in creating all kinds of courtyard fences are amplified by our attentiveness to your needs and desires. We start each project by working to understand your individual concerns and preferences. Only then do we propose the perfect solution, out of the many available options we can offer. Having a professionally installed fence in place, you will enjoy your garden more than ever and the added privacy will make you want to spend more time than ever outside.

What are the main options for professional fencing?

There are different materials available for the fencing, from wood lap to willow, bamboo, feather edge and more. Also, there are different fence styles available in different sized panels (faster to install), from picket fence boards to horizontal garden gates. The actual fence posts can be made of wood (looks better) or concrete (lasts longer).

You can reach out to us anytime, and we’ll promptly be able to provide you with an estimate of the costs, along with personalised recommendations.

Fencing Thirsk

Decking Thirsk

If you want the very best option available to create a pleasant-looking, modern and comfortable outdoor area, then you may be interested in our quality decking service. We provide the finest professional decking you’ll find, and the reasons for that are very simple. We use all the best materials and put a lot of care into our work.

No matter what your preferred style is – from timber to plastic, hardwood or composite – we will ensure your decking will look impeccable, and the installation will be durable.

Added benefits of our professional decking installation services

– You can rely on us to survey your outdoor area and provide recommendations and price estimations before getting started.

– This type of surface can easily be adjusted or extended at any time after construction.

– Installing decking can be a perfect opportunity to cover unsightly elements in your garden, ranging from drain covers to big rocks and patchy grass.

– Quality decking makes for a very elegant outdoor space that you’ll enjoy daily, as well as on special occasions when you feel like entertaining guests.

Decking Thirsk

Patios Thirsk

When you want an outdoor area that provides excellent comfort, top aesthetics, and little maintenance, then your best option is reaching out to a specialist patio laying service. Patio laying will provide you with more options than you may anticipate, which means you will have an opportunity to express yourself through your favoured style. You can choose between different materials (both natural and man-made), as well as diverse colors and patterns, in order to plan a patio that’s truly unique and feels your own.

In case you don’t feel like putting much thought into it, we’ll be happy to make the planning on your behalf and provide you with our specialised recommendations at no extra cost. Your new patio will look excellent for many years, and keeping it clean will be as easy as turning on the garden hose for a little jet washing.

What can you expect from our patio installation service?

– You can reach out to us to schedule a date to get your outdoor area surveyed by one of our landscapers in order to get an accurate quote.

– Your new patio will be durable for many years, no matter how rugged the terrain underneath, or how extreme the weather above.

– You will not just get a patio; you will have a stylish new outdoor area that you will be able to decorate freely and adapt to multiple purposes.

Paving Thirsk

When you want to turn an eyesore into an appealing new space that adds value and style to your property, you will likely want to reach out to professional paving services. Paving stones will make for a durable surface that will look great for decades; professional paving installation won’t take too long, and it will cause minimal disruption to the area since our specialists are both as skilled as they are considerate of your wishes. You will be able to choose from different paving materials (both natural and man-made), as well as picking your preferred hue, along with the shape and size you like best.

These are the most notable benefits of hiring a paving specialist:

– Correctly installed paving will last for a lifetime; most attempts made by hobbyists typically show surface problems within years.

– You can rely on our expertise to suggest the right materials for your particular situation, while carefully considering your preferences.

– The value of your property will raise since the paving will effectively make your garden area look more appealing.

– You may schedule an onsite survey, in order to get a quote along with personalised advice before starting the project.