Artificial Grass Golf Putting Greens

Polish up your skills with an artificial grass golf putting green at home.

It's very difficult to maintain the standard of lawn needed for home golf practice. Opting for an artificial grass golf putting green means improving your game has never been easier.


Artificial grass golf design & installation services include:

  • Tailored design done by our CAD designers to ensure the perfect fit for your garden
  • A range of artificial grass costs and products to choose from
  • NVQ accredited installers
  • Chipping verges and a range of cup positions
  • Extensive advice on which turf best suits your garden and golfing needs
  • Ongoing maintenance advice



Advancements in artificial grass technology means that a smooth, clean surface is a viable option for back gardens. Lion Lawns is a partner company of Synthetic Turf Management, which specialises in the design and installation of sports pitches and grounds, so you can rest assured that we know what we're talking about when it comes to sport. Our artificial grass putting greens come with chipping verges and a range of cup positions.

Our artificial grass golf surfaces are designed specifically to allow a smooth ball roll. What's more, they're easy to maintain; imagine having a lawn that needs no cutting, feeding or weeding but provides an all year putting surface. Honing golf skills at home has become a popular option for those that enjoy the sport. What's more, you don't need to have a large space to work with; we can install small putting greens as a part of your garden.


Lion Lawns have been working in the artificial grass industry for years; we always employ our extensive experience to create an excellent service for our customers. Our installers know this industry like the back of their hand. Artificial grass can be installed over hills and recesses and around garden furniture.

If you want to discuss how your garden could benefit from an artificial grass golf putting green, call us today on 01642 713555

Golf Putt Pro

Golf Putt Pro is one of Lion Lawns’ generic artificial turf sports products perfect for golf, hockey, tennis and other sports. Perfect for home golf greens. This 18mm pile height product is fully texturised. This is a top selling product as it is top spec and our customers love that it delivers fantastic performance for garden golf putts! When golf putt pro is coupled with a Vision or Vision Deluxe fringe it delivers amazing results!

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Golf Putt

Golf Putt is one of our generic sports products. The one tone green 24mm short dense pile surface is great for golf greens, as well as other sports such as hockey and tennis. Golf Putt is available in small quantities and ideal for home golf putting areas. Unsanded Stimpmeter Reading 7.5 (Medium) Total Dtex 6,600 […]

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