Play & Sensory Gardens

Lion Lawns: Artificial grass for play and sensory gardens

Using synthetic turf (or artificial grass) to create a safe play area / sensory garden is a fantastic way of optimising the space you have.


Artificial grass play & sensory gardens design & installation:

  • We work with you and our CAD designers to produce the perfect artificial grass surface
  • We have extensive experience in working on projects for children of all ages, and children with special educational needs
  • All of our installers are NVQ accredited
  • You can choose from a range of artificial grass products and artificial grass costs
  • Various options are available to increase safety, such as shock pads


To read more on our play colour turf, please click here.

Safety First

At Lion Lawns, we know that safety always comes first. All of our products are installed by NVQ installers, and come with various safety options such as shock absorbency pads. Lion Lawns is the domestic partner company of Synthetic Turf Management, which specialises in the design and installation of sensory gardens and safe plan areas for SEN schools across the UK.

Some synthetic turf technicalities

When choosing which synthetic turf product is best for your play area or sensory garden, it's important to consider the different qualities that each surface has. Pile height is a key factor, as this can affect how the surface performs in terms of wheel chair use. We recommend a short pile product, as they are less slippery and easier to clean.

Ultimately, play areas for domestic gardens need to blend into the natural surrounding whilst having the durability to withstand the heavy wear from children and pets. That's why we're here to guide you in your sensory garden development; it's our job to make sure you get the best out of the space you have.

When you opt for an artificial grass sensory garden, you say goodbye to the messes of mud and dirt, and say hello to a safe, clean and fun environment that is suitable for children of all ages.

If you would like to discuss how you could benefit from an artificial turf play / sensory garden, don't hesitate to contact Lion Lawns today on 01642 713555

Finesse Lite

Quality engineered throughout, Finesse Lite is shorter in height at 22mm with two different yarn types. This is a shorter pile height than our ‘Finesse’ however both products look very similar! This turf is perfect if you have pets or children regularly using the lawn.

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Play Colour

Lion Lawns Colour provides a soft and colourful play surface that is perfect for safe play areas at home or as an indoor artificial grass. This 24mm artificial turf is also used for logo mats and exhibition design. Available in: green, blue, white, black (slightly shorter pile height), rust, red and yellow.

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Shock Pad: Underlay for Artificial Grass

The foam pads are manufactured from cross-linked polyethylene foam which would otherwise have been going to landfill. It is granulated and then fused together by heat in an oven process. The Shock Pad absorbs impact on compression and once pressure has been released they will recover to their original state.

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Play Green

Lion Lawns Play is designed for heavy use areas that can be installed around play equipment, decking areas or even golf putting greens. The 24mm pile high provides a soft finish without a straight pile so it won’t go flat.  Play can also be used with our Shock Pad to create safe play system under […]

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