Patio & Decking

Although we love artificial grass, we don't just specialise in this product. As part of your garden landscaping project Lion Lawns can complete all other aspects such as bespoke paving for patios and decking too!

decking with lights

This patio area was installed with decking and complete with outdoor floor lights. Completed by Lion Lawns January 2017


Over the years we have completed hundreds of paving projects and can create something that makes your garden completely mud and mess free while looking fantastic.

We are landscapers. And to make it convenient for our customers, you can get everything you need in one place. So whether that be removing unwanted foliage, pressure washing the old paving slabs, installing completely new paving slabs or building a whole new decking area. There isn't much we can't do!

But did you also know that we can combine both artificial turf and patios?

Artificial Turf Installed over Patios and Decking

Artificial turf is ideal for laying over existing patio and decking areas that have become slippery and worn. It's really easy to install; it can be laid onto decking by screwing it directly onto the boards, or laid over existing concrete patios. Our "Classic" and "Play" artificial turf products are perfect for this kind of application. They're short pile and provide a lush green, non-slip and soft surface to transform any space into an incredible artificial grass patio.

At Lion Lawns, we know that each and every client will have different needs. That's why we strive to listen to all of our customers and design a tailored artificial turf made from the highest quality in synthetic grass technology.

When it comes to choosing an artificial grass patio outdoor space its important to remember that quality is key. We only work with the best products and, what's more, have extensive experience in the design and installation industry after years of hard work.

Lion Lawns will listen to you. The world of artificial turf can seem vast and complicated at first, but it's our job to make it easy for all of our customers.

Whether you want a perfectly manicured lawn with the main purpose being aesthetic, or a hard wearing artificial turf that is suitable for the wear and tear of children and pets, we'll help you find the right product.

Installation is quick and un-intrusive, we'll be in and out before you know it!

Lion Lawns artificial grass patio & decking services include:

  • A range of artificial turf products to choose from
  • Tailored artificial turf design
  • Installation by NVQ installers
  • Advice on product choice and maintenance
  • Flexible installation: turf can be laid over hills and recesses, and around garden furniture

If you want to discuss patio and decking areas, don't hesitate to contact Lion Lawns on 01642 713555

Finesse Lite

Quality engineered throughout, Finesse Lite is shorter in height at 22mm with two different yarn types. This is a shorter pile height than our ‘Finesse’ however both products look very similar! This turf is perfect if you have pets or children regularly using the lawn.

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Play Green

Lion Lawns Play is designed for heavy use areas that can be installed around play equipment, decking areas or even golf putting greens. The 24mm pile high provides a soft finish without a straight pile so it won’t go flat.  Play can also be used with our Shock Pad to create safe play system under […]

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