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Landscaping Gardeners Northallerton

At Lion Lawns, we firmly believe that your outdoor space matters every bit as much as inside your home, and we pride ourselves on our ability to make even your most ambitious dreams a reality. From a low-maintenance garden makeover to a brand new seating area, our Lion Lawns experts will work with you to bring your vision to life.

We specialise in projects of all sizes and are on call for everything from the removal of grass and replacement with artificial turf to complete landscaping services, anywhere around your home.

If you struggle to see the potential in your current outdoor space, we’ll happily assist by talking through your options and giving you a clear idea of how you can expect the finished project to look. We handle turf, decking, fencing, patios and everything else you might require to make the area around your home somewhere you’re proud to spend your time.




Local artificial grass experts

More and more of our customers throughout Northallerton and beyond decide to make the switch from traditional grass to its synthetic counterpart. Their decision is understandable, as there are many great reasons to do so. The main concern of local customers is whether their new lawn looks artificial. However, we only use the best materials for each project we undertake and guarantee that your new artificial grass installation will look better than ever before.

Unless you find mowing the lawn therapeutic, you’ll know that real lawns are high-maintenance. There’s more to the care routine than keeping it in trim too. Weeds seemingly pop up out of nowhere while the mud that follows heavy rain not only looks unappealing but makes the lawn unusable for days and even weeks afterwards.

Artificial grass is an ideal choice as not only does your lawn look better, but it functions better too. From sports to barbecues and anything else besides, our sturdy, durable artificial grass lawns stand up to anything the elements can throw at them. No matter what the North Yorkshire weather has in store, your new lawn will stand firm and always be ready for use.

The durability of our artificial grass is second to none in the summer months too. Dry, cracked surfaces that are too hard to enjoy are a thing of the past, and each of our customers can rely on a stunning lawn all year round with no maintenance.

Artificial grass installation Northallerton

As with everything we do, our artificial grass installations in Northallerton come to life based on your specific requirements. Anything is possible when it comes to size and shape, and there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to the turf itself. We offer numerous combinations of colours, lengths and densities for everything from like for like replacements to a whole new aesthetic in your garden.

Children and pets, so often the bane of well-manicured lawns, will love your new artificial turf without any concerns over divots and damage. Our pristine surfaces are perfect for running and playing, and we can even factor your entertainment needs into our designs.

Whether you’re considering the switch to artificial grass or already have plans in place, you won’t find a better blend of quality products and installation expertise than with the Lion Lawns team. We take great pride in every installation we undertake and achieve exceptional results that look and perform better than the real thing. We combine industry-standard artificial turf with cutting-edge tools and techniques to always exceed expectations.

Our professionals are always on hand to answer questions or visit you on-site in Northallerton and the surrounding areas for a personalised insight into what a new artificial lawn can do for you and your living space. From initial ideas and designs to the finished surface, we’re with you every step of the way as we work together to bring your dream low-maintenance lawn into existence.


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Fencing Northallerton

Fences bring functionality to any garden, but we regard them as a vital component of the overall aesthetic of your garden too. When you work with Lion Lawns, you no longer need to choose a priority among good looks, security and privacy. Our extensive range of materials, shapes and finishes ensures that you can enjoy all the benefits of our outstanding fencing installations.

Our customers always prefer to keep outdoor maintenance to a minimum, and so we only install fences that are built to last. With a focus on quality materials and the highest possible work standards, we personalise each project always to achieve outstanding results. Like our artificial lawns, all of our fences are designed and installed to stand up to the weather. Even in the poorest conditions, you’ll find our fences upright and looking as good as new.

We can take care of all your fencing needs, anywhere around the home. Whether replacing an existing fence or adding something new, we’ll happily discuss all your options and anything you should consider in the local area. Get in touch, and one of our experts will be on hand to get your project underway, no matter whether you have a vague idea in your head or detailed plans and drawings in place.

Decking Northallerton

Decking ranks among the very best ways to add functionality, style and character to any outdoor space and you need to look no further than our expert team for the most robust, attractive installations in the area. We promise quality and visual appeal in equal measure and without compromise. We use only the finest materials to ensure that your decking is safe, stable and ready for use all year round.

Our extensive experience in the areas also ensures that nothing is impossible. Angles, shapes and limited spaces are no match for our design and installation teams, who can adapt your chosen designs and materials into a durable, inspired space. Whether you require a dedicated space for entertaining or merely wish to cover up an otherwise unsightly area of your garden, decking is the ideal solution, and the Lion Lawns team is the perfect choice to make it happen.

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Patios Northallerton

A new patio can serve as the ideal centrepiece for your outdoor space, and we adopt the same methodologies as in everything else we do. When we design and install a new patio, we focus equally on looks and durability, all while leaving customers with as little maintenance as possible. Our passion for a wide range of materials and designs also ensures that every project receives the attention it deserves, with every customer achieving unique results thanks to an unparalleled selection of textures and colours.

With so many options available, it makes sense to consult an expert, and the Lion Lawns team has completed hundreds of patios throughout Northallerton and the surrounding areas. We’re always delighted to share our expertise with customers, especially on projects that can potentially be as daunting as a brand-new patio. We consider all pertinent factors when we come up with our designs, from styles that suit your home and garden to materials that do justice to your aesthetic ambitions.

As always, our patios are guaranteed to stand up to the elements and daily use. We work to the strengths of your chosen materials and use the latest techniques to add an outstanding, practical feature to your outdoor space.

Paving Northallerton

No matter how much you love open green spaces, paving is often an essential consideration both in front of your home and to the rear. Whether you want a small garden path to ease access from your house to the shed, or require large areas of paving to replace your current garden entirely, we’re here to help.

Flexibility is critical, and we pride ourselves on selecting styles and materials that match up to the look and feel of your home and garden, all while ensuring durable, safe surfaces that do nothing but enhance the existing space.

From a small paving project to exploring the differences new paving can make to the areas surrounding your home, our experts are on hand to make it happen. Our expertise combines style and practical considerations to transform any outdoor space and exceed your expectations.

Contact us now to explore your options and get your project underway. Our team is always ready to get to work on turning even the vaguest ideas into completed installations that will wow guests and turn outdoor spaces into your favourite part of your home. Whether you were looking for ‘landscape gardeners near me’ or you simply want the best landscape gardeners in Northallerton, we’d be delighted to hear from you and get to work.