North Yorkshire Artificial Grass Lawn


  • CASE STUDY: North Yorkshire Artificial Grass Lawn
  • LOCATION: Leyburn, North Yorkshire
  • GRASS TYPE: Finesse Lite
  • SIZE: 16.8sqm
  • COMPLETION DATE: January 2019
  • LINK TO BLOG: Click here
  • BRIEF OVERVIEW OF PROJECT: One of our first projects in 2019, and carried out in very cold winter conditions, was our Leyburn project. Leyburn is a market town in the district of Richmondshire North Yorkshire and we were there completing a transformation from natural to artificial. Around trees, plants and flower borders we created something truly remarkable… a lawn to be incredibly proud of!
artificial grass installation

Top image shows the crushed compacted limestone base and the bottom shows the artificial grass installed. We can keep existing planters and borders and cut around these. Just like this Leyburn lawn.