Featuring our garden install in Faceby, North Yorkshire.

One of our most frequently asked question at Lion Lawns is ‘What is the best size for my artificial lawn?’ Well there are many different ways that you can install your astro turf grass lawn but in order to be the most cost-effective, we are talking why sticking to multiples of four is the way to go!

Why 4 Metres?

Usually rolls of landscaping artificial grass for domestic gardens comes on 4 metre width rolls, and this tends to be industry standard. Therefore, by sticking to 4metres, you are avoiding cut loss. So if your garden is 4metres, 8 metres or 12 metres in width, you are being the most cost-effective with your install. Remember artificial grass can be joined with specialist tape and glue which makes larger areas possible. The length of your garden doesn’t matter how long this is as rolls usually come up to a huge 4 x 25metres. So, if you have a 4 metre by 17 metre gardens, this will also be a cost-effective option.

artificial lawn sizes

This Faceby garden was installed last week with 36.8m2 of our Finesse Lite product. The shape of the garden worked well with the measurements Lion Lawns took in the free-no obligation quote and consultation beforehand.

Tips on How to Stick to 4metres

Unfortunately, some people just have that dreaded size of 5 metres by 5 metres. But there are ways in which you can solve this problem:

  • Increase the size of your flower beds or borders around the lawn
  • Other materials such as paving and gravel are not dictated by size, can you add a different area?
  • Sleepers around the area
  • A possible path
  • Call the Lion Lawns team for more landscaping ideas on 01642 713 555