Another astonishing installation happened last week, when we were welcomed to the seaside town of Redcar to install an artificial lawn, another one of the endless uses of artificial grass. Lawns are probably the most popular uses of artificial grass, but there are other applications. Why not browse to our applications section? Just click here.

But of course today we are focusing on lawns as one of the uses of artificial grass. This fits nicely into our blog today on this Redcar project. 37 square metres of Vision Deluxe created an all green surface which replicates a perfectly manicured lawn.

uses of artificial grass

Cutting around the edges is completed with the greatest precision and appropriate tools

Vision Deluxe has a very luxurious appearance and is our top spec product! It comes from our British manufacturers TigerTurf who always keep products up-to-date with the newest technological advancements. So be sure this is the best on the market! This 30mm pile height turf is of the best quality and coupled with its high density and the use of three different shades of green it is no wonder the artificial grass gives off a very luxurious appearance!

uses of artificial grass

This image shows how we brush the surface to distribute the silica sand infill and create a smooth surface and ensures the grass blades don’t flatten.

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