Here at Lion Lawns we understand that finding the perfect artificial turf for your garden can be confusing with so many options, we want to share with you some of the considerations you might want to think about so we can install your perfect garden. Here are the top three!

1. What is the purpose of your perfect garden?

Do you have a pet or children? If so our ‘Lifestyle 20’ may be the ideal choice for you. It is realistic looking and has a two tone look which would look great for those summer BBQ’s. This is one of our shorter type grasses at just 20mm in height with a thatched look.

Lifestyle 20

‘Lifestyle’ sample with a two tone yarn and thatched look

Also our ‘Eden’ artificial grass type has memory yarn technology which means that recovery after activity is wonderful and coupled with those vibrant green tones this may be the grass type for you. It is much longer than ‘Lifestyle 20’ and the vibrant green tones may be what you need for your perfect garden.



‘Eden’ has omni directional blades

2. What is your budget for your perfect garden?

We cater for a variety of different budgets but always strive for the utmost quality. ‘Vision Deluxe’ is a top selling product and suitable if you have a larger budget. Finesse Lite and Lifestyle 20 are high quality green synthetic turfs but suitable for lower budgets.


‘Vision Deluxe’ is designed to replicate the perfect garden

Remember to add on the installation costs when thinking about your perfect garden and the shape of your garden also matters. A square/rectangular garden is likely to cost less than an octagonal or circular garden due to waste. However, we can work with all sorts of different shapes and sizes of gardens, just take a look at this Redcar garden that we did.


Before-Could artificial turf be added?



Of course! This oddly shaped garden looked beautiful when the artificial turf turned it into the ‘perfect garden’


3. How would you like your perfect garden to look?

As you would probably imagine, all grass types look very different. Previously mentioned some grass types have different shades or even texturised thatch. Some imitate a freshly moved effect like the ‘Finesse’.


The ‘Finesse’ is high density and has an extremely natural appearance.

To browse all of the grass types please click here.


Different grass types are suited to their owner, as you can see all turfs are installed to a very high standard and come from our British supplier Tiger Turf.


Our customers are satisfied with the variety of products we have available to create their perfect garden.


We are proud of our creations at Lion Lawns

If you are still undecided then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free no obligation quote

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