So, you’re planning your artificial grass project, you have all the materials needed to build the base and the tools to finish off a perfect job. But what on earth do you do about the edging? We all know that you should fix some sort of border around the perimeter of your garden, but what about outside of that? Well lucky for you, we do just this every week and have accommodated to thousands of customer needs by creating such wonderful designs.


A few different ideas on edging off your artificial grass

Artificial Grass Edging: The Options

1. Flower Borders

These are one of the least costly ideas. Love your plants? Well there is no reason why you cannot keep these as a border. In fact, as artificial grass comes on standard four metre width sometimes we encourage a flower border as this could be very cost effective to you.

  • Top tip: If any soil, leaves or seeds land on the artificial grass, give it a brush and remove.

2. Paving Slabs

Paving is often referred to as one of the most modern solutions. There are all sorts of different designs that you can go for however this can be costly depending on which you choose. It is low to maintain and looks great next to the artificial grass!

  • Top tip: Make sure you add on a significant amount of time to the job for installation of paving and make sure that there is a good sturdy base underneath.

3. Stone

More and more customers are opting for stones and gravel. This offers a similar surface that paving does, only at a fraction of the price. A weed membrane should always be fitted underneath first.

  • Top tip: why not try mixing two different colours of stone together? We like Red Flame and Plum Slate!

4. Fencing/Wall

This is probably the most expensive solution but could be a great option for you. Specifically for people with pets who need a secure garden. There is a very specific process that needs to be carried out if you are opting for both artificial grass and a fence/wall.

  • We recommend getting the professionals in to do this!

As part of our landscaping solutions, we can offer all the above services as part of your project. Fill in our contact form here to book your free no obligation quote.