Last week Lion Lawns took a short trip to Eston to deliver another high quality Lion Lawns garden and that’s exactly what we did! Our team of artificial grass installers were on the scene and prepared and installed a beautiful garden for the home owners to be proud of!

Lion Lawns Garden Eston

As high quality artificial grass installers, you can be sure that choosing Lion Lawns entitles you to an 8 year guarantee with a reputable company who are in this business to please customers and ensure you can have an area outside to use all year round with very low maintenance!

To make your life a little easier we thought that we would inform you of how you would go about an artificial grass installation for your home.

The General Process of a Lion Lawns Garden:

  • Customer contacts Lion Lawns
  • Lion Lawns send artificial grass samples suitable for a specific purpose
  • A measurement of the garden is arranged
  • A quote is sent out by Lion Lawns
  • Agreement
  • Installation date arranged for Lion Lawns Garden
  • Completion of garden!

Lion Lawns Garden at Eston

Our Eston customer had the right idea last week when they opted for both their front and back lawns to be replaced with a Lion Lawns garden, let us take you through the journey…

Lion Lawns Garden

The first step in any installation project is to remove the existing grass to leave a smooth and even surface.

Preparing Base Works

Specialist landscaping equipment is used to prepare the base works efficiently

Base works membrane

We use a super strong membrane to discourage weeds

base works

A crushed limestone is applied as the base works. This works perfectly with artificial grass because it provides a smooth surface which provides fantastic drainage for the new Lion Lawns garden.

Vision Deluxe Installation

The vision deluxe grass was fit to the grass and cut to perfection.

Sanding Lion lawns Garden

The next step is to sand the lawn. We use a specific silica sand which is the infill and allows the grass blades to stand upright creating a perfect lawn!

And the Finished Lion Lawns Garden…

Finished Lion Lawns Garden with Vision Deluxe

And the finished result is outstanding!

Finished Lion Lawns Garden with Vision Deluxe

The garden now has a bit of everything only with minimal maintenance

Finished Lion Lawns Garden with Vision Deluxe

Simply stunning!

If you live in the Teesside area and are thinking about installing an artificial grass, talk to the experts and get yourself a Lion Lawns garden too!

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