Over the last few years at Lion Lawns, we have seen boundaries pushed and certainly not the normal quadrilateral shaped artificial lawn. Artificial grass can deliver the flexibility to do whatever you like. As it is no-mow you don’t have to edge it in with lawn cutters or mow in a perfect line. One of the most popular designs since 2015, is the circular lawn.

What a Circle Lawn?

The circular lawn is usually used as the feature of a garden and is perfect if you want to contrast it with a variety of different edges; stone, paving, soil or decking. It can be designed and supplied with most types of artificial grass however we would recommend a short design for this shape so that it stays looking neat and tidy, such as Finesse Lite or Vision.

Most of the time, this shape is aimed to be a visionary feature as opposed to practical use. Here are some we have completed over the last three years.


A selection of circular lawns surrounded by block edging

There are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to this shape.

  • There tends to be more cut loss, as artificial grass comes on standard four metre widths, so make sure you budget for this.
  • It still requires maintenance such as leaf blowing and brushing

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Not sure if a circle lawn is in your budget?

Don’t worry, we have you covered and can try all sorts of different shapes and designs. Plus, we now offer finance.