Lion Lawns create synthetic lawns for residential and domestic areas. We pride ourselves on high quality and providing you with a garden that will last, guaranteed for 8 years! We offer a wide range of different turf types suitable for you, and provide a full consultation before you are happy to go ahead with your new synthetic lawn.

Deciding on a Synthetic Lawn

To help you decide on whether you need a synthetic lawn, we want you to ask yourself three questions:

  • How often do you have to mow and/or fertilise your lawn?
  • In the winter is your lawn looking a lot different to when it was last summer?
  • Do you have a fully green garden with no patches?

What if you could say goodbye to all of these problems?

Many people think that installing a synthetic lawn is a difficult process and ‘not worth the hassle’ however we are here to inform you that there is no hassle, and you will be ecstatic with the end result! In fact, most of our lawns are fitted in just one day, what could be easier.

The Great Ayton Installation

So today we are looking back at a garden we completed in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire. To show you just how amazing the end result is. You just can’t pass it up!

The garden was very nice to look at however the lush green lawn was missing, it was incredibly difficult to maintain and had lost the beautiful green that we all love to see in a garden, therefore letting the whole garden down.



Patchy grass and dull in colour, it didn’t do the garden any justice




After the installation of the synthetic lawn the customer was very happy!

Our expert team of installers cut the new synthetic lawn with precision to the shape needed, it looks realistic and never again will the owner need to drag the lawnmower out.

A Lawn For You

The synthetic turf that we use comes in many different type products from Eden which has vibrant green tones and memory yarn technology, to Finesse Lite which has straight green blades held in tightly by brown texturised thatch. Bet you never knew there were many different types of turf to choose from. We always look at the customer needs and match them up against the turf suitable for them.

To browse different turf types click the link below:


What Next?

Now is the time to start thinking about the summer months: those barbecues and laying out in the sun with a glass of sangria on that new lawn!

Make Summer 2016 a memorable one!

For more information on installing a synthetic lawn then please contact Lion Lawns using the information below:

01642 713 555