Do you want your garden to look like it has just come out of the Chelsea Garden Show? This artificial grass garden certainly caught our eye when we were looking through our projects today!

Earlier in the year we completed an garden using artificial grass in Swainby, North Yorkshire. The images below illustrate the before, during and after the completion of the artificial grass.


Before: High maintenance!

Swainby Before artificial grass with natural turf in a circle in the centre of the garden

Before the artificial grass was installed


This garden really is lovely; we cannot deny that! However the problem was maintaining the garden. Can you imagine having to drag the lawnmower over the stones and mow this circular piece of grass, on top of that the edging was difficult and there was also the potential problem of weeds coming through the stones and the garden didn’t discourage that from happening.

The owner wanted a picturesque garden.


During: The baseworks

Baseworks Artificial Grass created with a compacted crushed limestone

Throughout the process the existing grass needed to be taken up and then a baseworks laid as you can see in this image

At Lion Lawns we aim to make as little mess as possible and cater to every customers’ individual needs throughout. We provide a friendly team of installers who are very passionate about their work.


After: The installation is complete and the garden is beautiful!

Swainby completed artificial grass with central water fountain and sections of gravel

The end result was nothing but attractive, charming and very scenic. Who wouldn’t love to be sat here?


All of our products that we use are manufactured in Britain and we strive to provide the highest quality service with the highest quality products. Remember your garden will withstand wintery weather, never need mowing or fertilising, is extremely safe and pet and child friendly! What could be easier!

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