Wanting to turn the garden into something that will be used? Something that the children will really enjoy on those hot summer evenings? The Lion Lawns team were in Stockton, Teesside, last week doing just that. An old and worn out putting green was replaced and is now the perfect place to practice those all-important putting shots.

Putting Green in Stockton

Twelve square metres of Lion Lawns’ Golf Putt Pro was used to replicate natural grass and provide a surface that is specific to golf but durable too; meaning if you have the next Tiger Woods in the making, this is the perfect place to get started.


The new putting green was complete with three golf holes and yellow flags

This morning we were so pleased to load up our computers and see that there was another very happy customer, “Thank you Lion Lawns for this amazing putting green!” and we want to thank our customer for sharing these images of their new back garden.


We are sure the whole family will enjoy this for many years to come!

Of course, it is not just for children. Golf Putt Pro has been stimp metre assessed and is the number one putting green. Mainly due to its high quality properties and the British manufactured stamp it has wrote all over it!

For more on golf putting greens, or anything else to do with artificial grass or golf, we are the specialists. Contact Lion Lawns today on 01642 713 555 or email info@lionlawns.co.uk