Often there is the wrong perception that artificial lawns take away the homes of nature and discourage wildlife from entering into the garden however we are here to tell you that you can still bring wildlife into your garden and add a bit of colour! So many of our clients include flowers, trees and other shrubbery. Just because you’re eliminating that hard-to-maintain artificial lawn doesn’t mean you have to take away the plants!

Here at Lion Lawns we always try to make your lives that little bit easier but we understand that gardens are beautiful places and who is to tell us that we shouldn’t grow trees, plants and flowers around artificial lawns? We always ask you to be aware that picking up debris off of your artificial lawn, such as flower heads and leaves, should be completed on a regular basis to ensure contaminants don’t penetrate the surface.

We realise we’re doing a lot of the talking and you haven’t seen the good bit yet… so presenting our flowery artificial lawns at Lion Lawns!

An Artificial Lawn Catered to Your Needs

Now you have seen how all of these artificial lawn owners have done it, perhaps this will give you a little inspiration! We have been supplying and installing British manufactured artificial lawns for well over a decade and we have seen some ‘Over the Moon’ customers! We want everyone to be able to feel like that including you!

So without further ado what’s the harm in contacting us? We will:

  • Send you an exclusive FREE sample pack with as many samples as you want! Including specific and detailed information.
  • A FREE visit to your garden including a FREE no obligational quote
  • A FREE consultation to discuss all of your needs
  • A FREE help service which is just at the other end of the phone

If you like what you see and think that we could help you to create your dream artificial lawn, contact us now.