Lion Lawns strive to see people using their gardens, all year round (even in the chilly weather!) This includes all of the family too! Imagine your children having a playground in the garden where they can bring their friends, play hopscotch and you can relax knowing that it is super safe, all-weather proof and low maintenance- and that means no mowing the grass anymore! Introducing our safe play garden.

Not only do we offer our range of green realistic looking grass, but we also have a wide range of colourful turf which can be cut into all sorts of shapes and sizes! We have plenty of designs to choose from and we always work with the best quality turf to ensure the finest desired result. So instead of having the dreaded walk to the park crossing busy roads, why not bring the park to your home.

Lion Lawns have over 15 years’ experience in providing artificial turf surfaces for your garden/land and we have noticed that more and more people are coming to us asking for playground surfaces in their garden. The previous projects we have completed deliver breath-taking results and smiles around the whole family.

We are going to look at a project completed last week in Darlington which introduced a safe play garden area for the customer; which we are all proud of. For this project we created a safe play garden using a product called ‘Freeway’.

The Darlington Garden Before

Let’s take a look at the garden before Lion Lawns started the project.


The ground was not inviting and this was not a safe play garden, the children loved playing outside however the surface was hard and the equipment would get muddy in the cold and wet weather.



Lion Lawns could see the potential of the garden and wanted to make it a safe play area to admire and enjoy.

The Darlington Project After

After a discussion, quotation and agreement with the customer Lion Lawns could start the project, we knew this could be something utterly amazing and that’s exactly what it came out as…


As you can see the turf was installed with great precision


The garden was breath-taking and such an innovative idea



A hopscotch was designed with a turf called TD24 which was perfect for this purpose, durable, colourful and low maintenance!


The whole garden was transformed and the children could spend much more time outside enjoying the safe play garden.


At Lion Lawns we offer free samples, a free consultation and 8 years’ product warranty. We ensure all projects are quality controlled and you choose the artificial turf that is right for you, your children, and even your pets!

Safe play gardens are a ‘thing of the future’ and recent news has specified that we should encourage our children to play outside, to do this we need to make the outdoors attractive to them. Colourful turf, fun hopscotch’s and we can even design fun characters such as ladybirds, bumble bees, and other creatures.

To read more about safe play and our play and sensory gardens, click here


If you like the end result of the project and are thinking about installing a safe play garden in your home then please don’t hesitate to contact us, even if it is just for a friendly chat!

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