Of course there are so many different applications for synthetic turf (or artificial grass) including the most common artificial lawns, putting greens, play areas and one of the less popular roof terrace artificial grass. More often than not, we see people pushing the boundaries and creating all sorts of different ideas for the external part of their home. One of these being the addition of new roof terrace artificial grass.  

When we say roof terrace this could be any elevated outdoor area. Whether that is actually the roof of a garage, a flat house roof or a balcony, roof terrace artificial grass is super durable and long lasting! You can add that little bit of quirkiness to your home and create something truly astonishing!

If you’re a landlord you can create a unique selling point for your home. Perhaps you have a holiday home that you want to bring a different element to.


Photo Accredited to TigerTurf

Roof terrace artificial grass combines a number of different properties to provide a perfect result! Choosing Lion Lawns mean that you benefit from 2 years’ installation warranty and 8 years’ product warranty. In addition to a British manufactured artificial grass product and an unbeatable customer service! You really are in good hands at Lion Lawns.

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