There are lots of different ways to make your garden that little more superior one of those includes an astro turf lawn. But why should you do this and how does it compare to natural grass? Today we are looking at just that and how you should go about replacing your existing surface.


Stokesley install in 2015

Who Usually Chooses an Astro Turf Lawn

  • The retired generation who find keeping on top of the lawn increasingly difficult
  • The working population who simply don’t have the time to keep on top of the lawn
  • Families with children who would like a safer play area for outdoors
  • Exhausted customers who have tried every remedy to make their natural grass look healthy but it simply doesn’t change

Sound a little familiar to you?

Why Do People Choose the Astro Turf Lawn?

  • It is low to maintain- meaning there is no weeding, mowing or watering.
  • It replicates healthy looking natural grass
  • The surface is soft and less abrasive than other alternatives
  • Perfect for lawns, play areas, rooftops, patios, decking, indoors and golf putting greens

How Do I Get an Astro Turf Lawn?

  • Contact Lion Lawns on 01642 713 555
  • We can send you some free samples through the post
  • Then we will offer a free no obligation quote
  • Works are carried out
  • Then you are invoiced

Payment Options for Astro Turf Lawn

  • You can pay for your lawn in full
  • You can part pay and finance the rest
  • You can pay a minimum 10% deposit and finance 90% of your install

For additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who will tell you all you need to know.

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