Calling all landlords! Is it difficult to keep on top of your lawn for the tenants in your rented-out property? Here is one less thing you have to worry about. Keep a lawn looking neat and tidy with artificial grass from your local installers at Lion Lawns.

Hutton Rudby Artificial Grass Lawn

The team were in Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire, this month whereby we replaced the old and worn-out natural lawn with a new artificial grass carpet. We say carpet because artificial grass comes on a roll similar to a carpet (order a free sample so you can see for yourself).

We set out making the landlords life that little easier. Astroturf is low to maintain and can last a huge 15-20years if it is cared for properly.


During the synthetic turf installation process. This image shows the dig out of the existing surface of approximately 50mm (depending on a variety of factors).


More people are switching to artificial, not only is it low-maintenance but it is cost-effective, weather proof and beautiful all year long.


During and after the artificial grass installation.

Could a garden revamp make a difference to your life? Call us today for a free quote and to discuss the process. Everything is no obligation too!

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