On Tuesday we spent half of our working day in Ormesby, Middlesbrough, to create another of our summer synthetic turf installations. This was a very different garden to your normal everyday lawn. The 12-sided garden consisted of curves, corners and a circular centre which meant it was a tricky shape for precision cutting… no problem for our Lion Lawns team though!

Synthetic turf is proving to be more popular with so many enquiries coming in this summer, more and more people are selecting this garden solution to end all of their weed and natural grass problems.

Tricky areas such as this Ormesby garden installation can be very difficult to maintain with natural grass, especially trying to cut the lawn! But why should we have to eliminate our grass gardens altogether? There may be one solution you haven’t explored… Synthetic turf!

synthetic turf

An awkward area to mow

Can you imagine trying to mow this piece of natural grass? Virtually impossible with all of the nooks and crannies. So this 12 metre squared surface was completely transformed with Finesse!

Finesse synthetic turf is one of our most popular products.

Finesse synthetic turf

Finesse artificial turf

The 28mm pile height is complete with brown thatch to give that ‘all natural look’ and actually looks and feels like real grass!

This was then installed as a replacement to the tired looking natural grass and what a result!

synthetic turf

A perfect addition to the garden! Doesn’t it just set off the whole atmosphere?

Now our clients can benefit from a low maintenance synthetic turf garden which will last around 15 years! Isn’t that just astonishing?

synthetic turf

A luxurious effect is delivered!

And our clients were over the moon! Synthetic turf has so many benefits and can be a perfect addition to your garden! Like this installation, they can still give a home for nature with all of the low maintenance plants but now the garden can be enjoyed much more and admired rather than the dreaded feeling of having to cut, edge, mow, feed, water and weed!

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