Synthetic grass gardens have taken a boom this year. We have been super busy at our offices; it appears everyone is dreaming of that perfect garden in preparation for the summer months. But why this year?  We think that one of the reasons is the fact that the artificial turf technology is improving all of the time and Lion Lawns strive to always deliver the best turf with the best service.

Another reason is the weather. Every year it seems to get worse in the UK and many people stop their everyday routines; you debate letting the dogs out, the children play indoors and this is all because of the mess that they could trail in the house. Years of bad weather, coupled with actually using the garden, unfortunately does take its toll on the lawn and you are left with patches of dead grass, muddy slopes and an uneven surface.

Five images of worn out and patchy gardens with weeds and brown patches

Do these images look all too familiar to you?

What if we could turn these lawns into a fully green, realistic, low maintenance surface suitable for everyone?

No Nuisance at Nunthorpe

We have recently completed an installation in Nunthorpe, North Yorkshire using Eden synthetic grass (which seems to be very popular at the moment!). Again this was another project that wowed everyone!

Nunthorpe Synthetic Grass full view

A garden is meant to be a garden, this grass brought in a beautiful shade of green to make the perfect synthetic grass lawn

Synthetic grass in the summer shade with stone border and green hedge

Synthetic grass is perfect if your garden is positioned in the shade and rarely gets sun because your grass doesn’t need it!

Nunthorpe synthetic grass lawn

A striking lawn for everyone to appreciate!

A project like this will only take us a day and we try to make everything as convenient for our customers as possible include no mess and a perfect result.

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