At Lion Lawns we know that a garden is not just a garden. It should be picturesque and easy to look at. It should encourage us to spend more time outside enjoying the outdoors with our families and pets. Unfortunately, in some cases, natural grass definitely does not do this! With growth that gets out of control with weeds, and the ever changing British weather taking its toll on the muddy surface, there is sometimes no option but to remove the surface. And if you don’t want this to happen again, choose a man-made garden with artificial grass from Lion Lawns.

Situated on Teesside, Marton is a very popular area with our artificial grass projects. A Man-made garden is simply another term for a garden that isn’t natural, that has been installed using the very best in synthetic technology and the utmost precision by our dedicated team of installers at Lion Lawns.

The Marton project…

man-made garden

During the wintery weather, the mud from natural grass can often spread over the concrete surrounds and cause a mess.

And what can you turn it into with a Lion Lawns man-made garden:

man-made garden

Goodbye were the days of an uneven and muddy surface, the man-made garden left the owners very happy with their new garden which may be the host of plenty of barbecues in the summer!

That’s the best thing about artificial grass, it can be used as natural grass would be. Pets can use it, children are safe with it and if properly maintained can last up to 20 years!

man-made garden

Lion Lawns man-made gardens offer a range of different grass types so that you can choose the turf for you!

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