Lion Lawns spent 3 days this week at Walworth School in Newton Aycliffe. This school focuses strongly on learning and social development and we think that we have contributed to this by the artificial grass install in their school grounds.

A quadrangle paved area was transformed into a bright blue surface that adds a little colour to the outside of the classrooms.

A total of 56 square metres of our play green product were cut around this difficult shaped area. Naplock is installed around the edge and drains.

artificial grass installation

Images from left to right: paved area, limestone base, rubber padding and turf installation

Why Turf?

Play artificial turf is much less abrasive than alternatives therefore is perfect for schools. It can be adapted for all sorts of different areas and helps to eliminate mess (which we know is all too common when you have hundreds of primary school children on one site!)

Why Pad?

A rubber padding is perfect for this artificial grass school install because it helps to ensure the turf doesn’t move but also protects the backing and give the surface a softer surface underfoot.

Why Limestone base?

Crushed limestone is a cheap and cost-effective way to create a sturdy base but allow for the best drainage so that when it rains, water can drain straight through the perforated backing.

Why Lion Lawns?

With Lion Lawns we have almost a decade of experience working in the education sector and all customers will benefit from 8yrs product warranty and 2yrs installation guarantee. Which means that rest assured you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will take care of everything from start to finish.

So, what are you waiting for? Call the artificial grass school expert today on 01642 713 555 or email

We hope to hear from you soon!