Wanting to change your garden? Create something so unique, ultra-modern and just different to the boring same old? That is precisely what we did in Coulby Newham in this large back garden.

In December 2016 this is what the garden looked like:


Natural Grass in Winter

The frost penetrates into the lawn and freezes the natural grass, this then turns to liquid and can drown the lawn. If you then walk over the lawn (or your pet and children do) then the grass will end up very patchy. And this isn’t to mention the weeds that thrive in natural grass.


The existing patio area was very small and the garden lacked character

The garden had seen better days and although it wasn’t a hazard, it wasn’t modern either and needed a complete rejuvenation.

This was a very special job because not only did we install artificial grass, we also installed these modern paving slabs which added a little something extra to the garden. This was one of the first steps in the installation and our team and take care of all of this for you.


The patio area was extended with some new high quality paving slabs

Then comes the laying of the artificial grass. After the existing surface is removed and the base works are fully prepared including a high quality and super durable weed membrane, the 52.8 metres square of artificial grass were welcomed to the garden…


A large garden with something for the whole family to enioy!

We think that this garden is breath-taking. The picture above was taken in December! Just after torrential rain too! If this garden can look like this in winter, can you imagine what your garden will look like?


The children now have a safe play environment and the non-abrasive turf looks simply outstanding leaving a super modern garden that will deliver throughout the whole year, which the whole family will love!

At Lion Lawns we are your trustworthy landscape designers specialising in artificial grass and we can create your vision. Make 2017 a great one, with lion lawns artificial grass:

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