We’ve been saving this story for our big finance launch because we think this project is simply stunning! Here is the story of how we turned an overgrown and uneven garden into something truly remarkable with a product that is fast becoming the ‘in-thing’ for gardens across the North East: astro turf.

Let’s go to Middlesbrough…


The natural turf certainly looked natural. It had been behaving terribly since the house was built to do with a combination of the base that it had been built upon and the lack of nutrients the grass was getting.


There was no clear design to the garden but the size of it indicated that it clearly had potential.

After a large uplift (of a lot of grass) we transformed it into this…


Hard to believe that this astro turf garden is now a beautiful landscaped garden consisting of sandstone paving and high quality decking boards


The best thing about the garden is the very little maintenance it needs.

Lion Lawns Finance

All projects like the one above can be funded with Lion Lawns financing option which has just been made available. With just a 10% deposit needed you can choose to pay for your garden over twelve months. We understand that astro turf for the garden can be expensive however we cannot emphasise enough that it needs to be done properly. Far too often we see people who have attempted to install their own astro turf but it hasn’t even lasted a couple of months without severe problems.
Get it done right with Lion Lawns artificial grass and landscaping. Now high-quality grass installs are available if you don’t have all of the finance straight away.

Another option available for you?

For more information on financing your artificial grass garden, please contact us via email finance@lionlawns.co.uk or call 01642 713 555