One of the problems that is not often talked about, is how accessible the home is outdoors. Advances in technology mean that we can adapt so many different things into our homes to make life just that little easier. But what about the outdoors?

Making Gardens More Accessible with Artificial Grass

Have you ever walked outside and coggled over on a crumbly paving slab? Perhaps there is a large step to get over when you walk outside your patio doors? Are you a wheelchair user who can’t enjoy the outdoors?

When we first started we spoke to a client who needed something that would accommodate his needs. Artificial grass was the perfect solution and has been for as long as we have known it. No one has to bother taking that lawnmower out the garage every few weeks in summer or clean up after the dog has rolled about in mud. This month the team were in Northallerton on a huge project consisting of artificial grass and sandstone paving. All appropriate and more accessible for our clients.

Here is what we did in Northallerton:

  • Levelled the base and secured down 60 square metres of Finesse¬†high-quality artificial grass

Installed levelled sandstone paving as a surround which was at the same level as the rest of the lawn.

accessible garden install

After and before Lion Lawns

Garden Installation in Pictures:

accessible garden

Natural grass lawn, dig out, delivery of two ton of limestone, preparing the paving base, installing the sandstone paving, compacting the base, laying the artificial lawn and finally the finished result!

accessible garden

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