One of the main reasons why people are making the switch to artificial grass is because it makes the perfect surface for a low maintenance lawn. Offering various other benefits too, the product requires no watering, fertilising, seeding or mowing as natural grass would and still looks just as good (if not better!) all year long.

We all want an outdoor area that the whole family can enjoy, but it seems too much hassle to bring out the gardening gloves every weekend and working tirelessly just to create a no mud and no mess zone. So, Lion Lawns have come up with the solution. Not just any old or cheap artificial grass, but a high quality and British manufactured product that provides the perfect lush green lawn. Child and pet friendly, the artificial grass blades are designed with quality and durability in mind, and that is why we love our gardens so much.

This week we have been working on these two featured gardens below:

Project 1: Thornaby Install

Our Thornaby install with 23.2 square metres of Finesse Lite replaced the previously natural grass.

natural turf removal

Picture shows the removal process of existing turf.

artificial lawn- low maintenance

Finesse Lite is a 22mm pile height product which is built on green and brown tones to produce a natural look.

Project 2

This other low maintenance lawn was also complete recently and allowed the customers to have a beautiful area for the whole family to enjoy (whatever the weather!)

flower and artificial lawnartificial lawn with slide

Two more garden projects which Lion Lawns were so pleased to be a part of!