We have had some terrible weather up here in the North East over the past week. After experiencing the after effects of Storm Brian we have been hit with torrential rain and gusty winds. Whilst many people with natural lawns have been experiencing trouble with flooding and unhealthy-looking grass, the artificial lion lawns are still looking their best. In today’s blog we’re discussing how much you need to pay attention to your lawn and how you should look after it in the awful British weather.

All Weather Proof

Synthetic lawns are indeed suitable for all weather types, which means if your children/pets enjoy going outside the whole year round, artificial lawns are suitable. Snow, frost and rain will simply drain through the perforated latex backing of the artificial grass and drain away.


If you have chosen Lion Lawns artificial grass, we always ensure sufficient drainage and if your garden was prone to drainage problems in the past, we will always aim to solve it.

What about the wind?

Although those strong gusts of wind often tip over heavy plant pots and cause garden ornaments to tip over, don’t worry the lawn will not blow away! During installation not only do we tightly screw the edges of the artificial grass into a plastic Marmax edging (designed to look like timber but made of a much more durable plastic) but we also include a silica sand infill over the top. This weighs the surface down but also ensures longevity.

How to Look After Your Artificial Lawn in Winter?

At this time of year, there are certain measures you can take to look after your lawn. From time to time, leaves often blow onto the surface and if not removed, can cause contaminants to build up in the artificial grass. Leaves should be removed often, along with other debris too.

Top Tip:

If you have a front garden, don’t drive over your artificial grass, this will cause dips in the surface and during winter will cause flooding in the dips.