As we are nearing the close of our special ‘product’ week here on the Lion Lawns blog, we face our penultimate news story which is based solely on Vision Deluxe. A fantastic product that is amongst one of the favourites in the office! This top spec product is a fantastic addition to any garden and look great in landscaping projects. The luscious green surface is a hit with many customers. Find out why in our news story…

What Makes Vision Deluxe Special?

Vision Deluxe is designed to replicate the perfect lush lawn and therefore delivers a luxurious appearance. On top of this the 30mm pile height uses three different shades of green therefore is more up-spec than our ‘Vision’ product if your budget is slightly higher. 

But you may want to know other properties than the Vision Deluxe grass holds…

V…Very durable meaning you can use the garden all year round! Rain or shine!

I…Ideal for a garden which you want to look preened and cared for, without having to actually do it!

S…Sun damage? Absolutely not! It’s even a fire retardant too!

I…Installation warranty of 2 years!

O…Opinion of the customers- they absolutely love this product

N… No obligation quote to suit you! And better yet… It’s all FREE! 


D…Delivered straight to you! Whether its supply only or supplys/install, you will always receive the best convenience

E…Exclusively manufactured in the UK!

L…Luxurious appearance created by an ocean of green

U…Unbelievable results when you see the finished product!

X… X-ray vision, something your neighbours may think they have when they see what an amazing garden you end up with!

E…End result? A high quality lawn to be proud of! With little maintenance Vision Deluxe provides you with the properties of natural grass and so much more!

What Does a Vision Deluxe Garden Look Like?

Now we have covered the basics, here is a garden that has been completed with the highly reputable Vision Deluxe product. Take a look…

vision deluxe

A Vision Deluxe landscaping project in Guisborough

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