In this news story we are going to be looking at an artificial grass lawn installed in Coulby Newham, Teesside. This is yet another grass lawn that delivered a beautiful result!

Here at Lion Lawns we install many types of artificial grass products in the domestic and residential sector including patios, gardens, rooftops and balconies. After the project we want to show you the end result and the previous garden to compare as we are so happy with our work and our exceptional team of installers based in the UK.

The customer of this artificial grass lawn wanted a solution to the problem of patchy grass that was in need of a good revamp!

The pictures below show a timeline of BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER installation of the artificial grass lawn


It was a disappointment having a lawn that couldn’t mirror the other beautiful features of the garden

The first step of this artificial grass installation was to remove the patchy grass and as you can see the mud just overran the garden, it needed a crisp new patch free lawn!

Turf -removal-process

This shows the turf-removal of the patchy garden. Glad to be gone!


After that the base works are laid to ensure a smooth surface for laying the turf on.



Already it was looking much better!


After the artificial grass was laid it looked like a completely different garden!

The turf used for this project was very realistic and gave off a very good vibe for the whole garden, the customer was very happy with the outcome of the installation project.


Imagine sitting out here on a hot summers day!


Now the garden can be fully appreciated!

Artificial turf has a number of benefits for any home:

1. There is a huge reduction in the maintenance of keeping the garden looking nice

2. The temperamental weather in Britain will not have an effect on the turf, that means no muddy lawns or patchy surfaces

3.Your artificial grass lawn looks perfectly manicured all year long


Although maintaining the artificial grass lawn is very low, we do ask you to do a few routine checks to ensure your lawn looks fresher for longer. Follow the link below to read up on maintaining your artificial grass lawn.

Maintaining the Lawn for the Future


Remember we can provide supply only or we can install the lawn for you using our expert team of highly trained installers who only settle for precision cutting and an exceptional end result!


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