You may have found out by now that this week Lion Lawns are blogging about all of the different types of grasses that are available to you. It’s not all the same and depending on its use and how you want it to look… All gardens can look incredibly unique!

Finesse is a step up from our product Finesse Lite which you may have read about previously in our blog. This means it possesses a similar number of properties to Finesse Lite however some slightly different changes. One being the pile height. It stands 4mm higher than Finesse Lite which may not seem like a large amount however it does differ in the appearance of the product!

What Properties Does Finesse Hold?

F…Freshly mowed effect

I…Ideal for a middle of the range budget

N…Never needs mowing! Ever!

E…Extremely natural appearance

S…Straight green blades held tightly together by a brown texturised thatch

S…Stands at a 28mm pile height

E…Excellence from our quality manufacturer

What Does Finesse Look Like?

We know that you all want to know just what a garden looks like when it has been laid so we’ll get down to it. Here are some Finesse gardens to admire…

Finesse artificial grass

Finesse in Stockton

Finesse is a high density turf type that completely transforms an area creating a neat and all year round product.

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