Artificial Grass Comes to Ingleby, Saltburn and Loftus

And we don’t just mean the grass is greener in colour. But it is easy to look after, easy on the eyes, plus it works out cost effective in the long run! But today we are looking at whether artificial grass is bad for the environment.

We have seen a lot of negative information being posted online about artificial grass and its effect on the environment. However before you make any assumptions, have a quick read of these points below:

Is Artificial Turf Bad for The Environment?

  • Artificial turf is installed on a stone base ON SOIL. Meaning it doesn’t ‘ruin’ animals and insects’ habitats. It simply fits around them.
  • Just because the lawn is artificial, doesn’t mean the whole garden is artificial. Think about the trees, plants and shrubbery that can fit round the perimeter of the garden, giving a home to birds, bees and all other garden animals.
  • Use a petrol lawnmower? These pollute the environment much more than you might think. Save emissions in a way where you won’t even need to use the lawnmower.
  • Research is constantly being carried out to manufacture, install and dispose of artificial grass in the most environmentally friendly way and Lion Lawns are a huge supporter of this.

Some of our local clients have recognised these benefits and contracted Lion Lawns to put our skills to use on these gardens:


Photos from Ingleby Barwick, Loftus and Saltburn installs over the last month.


artificial-lawn-ingleby-barwick artificial-turf-loftus saltburn-artificial-grass-lawn
Location: Ingleby Barwick

Complete: March 2019

Turf Type: Finesse 

Size: 96 square metres

Location: Loftus

Complete: March 2019

Turf Type: Vision 

Size: 13.6 square metres

Location: Saltburn

Complete: March 2019

Turf Type: Finesse Lite 

Size: 90 square metres


Still think artificial grass is bad for the environment? Think again


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