Lion Lawns are entering 2016 with the exciting news that we now offer landscaping and gardening services as well as amazing artificial grass lawns. After exclusively offering artificial lawns for the past few years we can now announce that we are now offering customers a full landscaping service so they can transform whole gardens instead of just their lawns.

With a wealth of experience in landscaping and gardening services it was the next natural step for Lion Lawns. Ste Nixon, Director at Lion Lawns stated;
We are proud to be the number one artificial turf company in the area and we want to continue working with customers to transform their troublesome lawns with our stunning artificial turf; but with the wealth of landscaping experience at Lion Lawns we thought we should start offering our customers the full package when they take the decision to transform their lawn, and now their garden.
Our landscaping journey started in Skelton at the start of the year with an amazing transformation of back garden. The initial garden was very steep meaning the space couldn’t be used as an area for family or pets, and the natural grass began to become muddy, patchy and overgrown.


The garden before the transformation. The steep slope made the space hard to use and the existing grass was become muddy and boggy.

Lion Lawns and Landscapes came into the garden to begin to turn into a more family friendly area, and one that the pets would love too.
The work began by making the lawn a lot more level, before we laid our artificial grass to make sure the new garden had the perfect green lawn to compliment all the work that had be completed. Take a look at the transformation images below from Skelton.


The first stage was to begin levelling the garden too make it more usable.



Using sleepers we where able to make the lawn alot more level while creating a great 3 tiered garden complete with a newly laid path.



A base was constucted so the existing dog kennel could be moved away from the patio. With artificial turf being laid the owners didn’t need to worry about their pets creating a mess.



Next it was time to lay the base works for the artificial lawn to be laid.



The icing on the cake with the artificial lawn installed. Next up is finishing the project with team giving all the wood a fresh coating of paint and some added finishing touches of lights in the sleepers.



And even the dog loved the garden…

If you are interested in having a garden transformation with Lion Lawns and Landscapes contact us today at or call our showroom on 01642 713 555