As we have reached our final edition of the product blogs this week, we have to tell you about our final product! ‘Lifestyle’ artificial grass. We have seen a boom in orders of this product this summer and the projects have looked fantastic! Customers are always very happy with this cost effective product, find out why by reading on…

Change Your Lifestyle with Lifestyle!

Sick of having to constantly maintain your garden? What if you didn’t have to? The perfect lawn is just a phone call away so change your lifestyle and opt for Lifestyle! This artificial grass stands at a pile height of 18mm and therefore it is the ideal choice for more used gardens or if you have children and pets.

Lifestyle is more suited for lower budgets or larger landscaping areas. It is also a popular choice for play areas and rooftop gardens.

L… Larger landscaping areas would benefit from this grass incredibly

I…Ideal choice for pet owners, roof terraces and play areas

F… Fine quality engineering throughout

E…Eighteen millimetre pile height

S…Sand infill is used with this product to ensure grass blades stand tall and give that realistic look

T…Tone is dual

Y…Years it’ll last? 15-20 if it is cared for properly!

L…Looks and feels like real grass!

E…Enhanced with two tone shades of green


Lifestyle Installs

If Lifestyle is the artificial grass type for you, be sure you enquire for more information. We will provide you with free samples, a free quote and a bank of other information. And better yet… It’s no obligational!

Take the first step today and contact Lion Lawns using the information below:

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