We started off the week with a trip to Ingleby Barwick where we created a deluxe garden. Yes, deluxe, as in our Vision Deluxe product. And what a fantastic result! The all green garden received this top spec product and created a fantastic atmosphere for the client.

Where do we start?

Let us give you a little more information about the product. Vision Deluxe is a 30mm pile height product that is designed to replicate the perfect lush lawn. Its high density gives a luxurious appearance. To read more about Vision Deluxe, click here.

Deluxe garden

Vision Deluxe Artificial Turf

Our Ingleby Barwick garden started as a natural lawn with a glorious patio. Unfortunately, the natural grass let the garden down and was not in line with the other fantastic features. Our customer wanted something low maintenance and mess free which would look full and well-manicured! So that was exactly what Lion Lawns did!

Off went the existing grass and then we started the dig out for the new deluxe garden:

Deluxe garden

Carefully preparing the base

deluxe garden

All of our garden installations have a number of things included in the price. This image here shows the base works being prepared which is included.

But what else is included?

-Uplift/removal of the existing surface

-Skip hire

-Weed membrane

-Crushed limestone

-Plastic Marmax edging

-The ‘deluxe garden’ artificial grass

-Silica Sand and Brushing

-2 Years installation warranty

-8 Years product warranty

After all of that is completed, it is time to show you what a deluxe garden looks like:

deluxe garden

The new turf area fit in really nicely with the patio and conservatory

deluxe garden

It added to the contemporary look of the garden

What do you think? Sensational? Remarkable?

For more information on our deluxe gardens at Lion Lawns, why not contact us today? You can benefit from free quotes/samples and you will receive an unbeatable service along with a number of warranties and guarantees.

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