Whilst artificial grass can be somewhat more expensive to install than natural turf, its added benefits and question of how long it lasts is solved immediately. The long-term benefit of this product outweighs the initial cost immediately. Why? Well, let us explain…

First things first (and most importantly) we can only speak on behalf of our type of artificial grass that we sell which is high quality and British manufactured.

Things You Need to Know:

If artificial grass is installed properly and at a good quality, it can last for up to two decades! But don’t think that this means you shouldn’t look after your surface. It will only last this long if you look after it and by that we mean the following:

  • Brushing up the sand infill regularly
  • Removing any debris blown onto the lawn
  • Giving your garden a hose down in the summer (this is more for the image of your lawn and how it looks to the neighbours)
  • A good installation: With Good Drainage! (one of the most common problems that we see when it comes to shortening the lifespan of your turf is that the base was not installed correctly)
  • Choose a good quality artificial grass: unfortunately it is a case in the turf industry that the more you spend for artificial grass, the more durable it will be
  • Picking up after your pets

And speaking of pets…

Do Pets Make a Difference?

How long is a piece of string? This depends on your dogs’ mischievous personality. Although we have never heard of pets damaging grass from any of our clients, we still ask you to be wary. It shouldn’t have any effect on the lifespan of your product.



artificial grass for dogs

Artificial grass for dogs is a very popular choice for both your loveable pet and children

Lion Lawns Artificial Grass

Lion Lawns can guarantee your product for up to 8 years (but we expect it to last longer than this if it is well looked after). We can also add a special installation guarantee for 2 years so that you have a little peace of mind.

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