The team were in Hartlepool, North East, last week using our Finesse Lite artificial grass to optimise their outdoor space. With our team of highly qualified installers and just one day we transformed this front garden.


Some people may think that they can’t put artificial grass near trees, plants of other foliage. But in actual fact, we work around that

The problem is weeds, patchy grass and discoloured green. It seems that if we want to have it all including those beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers together with a beautiful green lawn, it is a distant dream, or is it? Often, debris from trees embed into the natural grass surface and that is what causes weeds to grow. Even if you don’t have trees but your neighbours do, you will see weeds in your natural surface. But at Lion Lawns we are here to tell you that you can have it all. With artificial grass for your outdoor space!

With Lion Lawns grass installations, we use a super strong weed membrane which means that weeds cannot grow through the surface. After the base works were completed, we used our Finesse Lite artificial grass. This product has a brown thatch running through it and is a mid-range product designed to imitate natural grass but without the hassle.


Even at night the new lawn looks incredible and really makes the most of the outdoor space that this garden has in Hartlepool!

Another transformation that leads the way in 2017, we think this is going to be the best year yet!

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