Last week Lion Lawns were in Guisborough, North Yorkshire. Although this garden was not your average shape we were able to create a beautiful faux grass landscaping project which made the garden stand out beautifully!

As we are sure you all know by now, Lion Lawns offer a range of different projects to suit your faux grass needs so whether it is a rooftop garden, play area, artificial lawn, golf putt or patio/decking be sure that we can provide a perfect artificial turf installation that you can enjoy for the next 20 years (if properly maintained!)

Vision Deluxe Faux Grass

Vision Deluxe is a very popular faux grass type at Lion Lawns. This grass type is an all green look (does not have a brown thatch running through), this gives a very luxurious feel/ appearance of the grass. But it is not all one shade; Vision Deluxe uses three different shades of green which stand at a 30mm pile height (longer than average). With the correct infill and great installation this grass really is beautiful!

Take a look at these Vision Deluxe Lawns…

Vision deluxe Faux Grass Across Teesside

From Ingleby Barwick to Eston… Vision Deluxe Faux Grass has made an appearance across the whole of Teesside

And here is the Vision Deluxe itself…

Vision deluxe Grass

We can send samples of Vision Deluxe to you so you can look at the potential faux grass that could be used for your lawn, request a sample today!

Guisborough goes Green!

And the owners of this Guisborough garden certainly saw the potential of the faux grass, what an outstanding result. The green grass really makes a statement in the garden!

Guisborough Faux Grass

What’s better yet? There’s no mowing, feeding, watering or fertilising!

Guisborough Faux Grass

Even odd shaped gardens can have faux grass installed

Lion Lawns Faux Grass

Lion Lawns can prepare all of the base works for you.

Faux Grass at Guisborough

This garden really is one of a kind and was a fabulous result!

To read more about our artificial lawns please click here.

If you can see the potential of Vision Deluxe faux grass (or in fact any other grass in our range), please be sure to contact our Stokesley based offices on the details below. This is the first step in ensuring that your lawn is as beautiful as it can ever be and fulfil its potential!

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