What is your garden like? We would love to know! Gravel? Paving? Natural grass? Or is it just a heap of soil? Well we bet that whatever it is, it is looking a little lifeless, dull and worse for wear. We are preparing our clients across Teesside for a beautiful summer in their beautiful gardens. In fact, artificial grass looks great all year round, so you can even imagine the sun has been out during the winter. That is one of the reasons many people are switching to this ever-growing popular product.

And we have been fitting artificial grass in Ormesby this week. Not only because it looks amazing, but also because of the soft artificial grass blades which can be cut around different obstacles (it is practical too).

And unless we find gardening one of our favourite pastimes, chances are we want it to be as easy as possible to maintain.

Garden Gravel: What is the problem?

Another low maintenance garden option many go for (as opposed to paving or decking) is gravel. This is because gravel comes in a variety of different shapes, colours, sizes and budgets. But you might not have known that artificial grass does too!

For example, this Ormesby project was complete this April with Finesse Lite; a cost-effective landscape product.


Three steps to success: Gravel to removal, to artificial grass installation

Artificial is renowned for retaining its properties for up to 2 decades! And it is a lot more colourful and vibrant for your home too.


Our Ormesby customer was pleased with how low maintenance his back garden was (after we installed it in 2016) that he simply had to get the front garden done too!

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