Have you thought about how much easier life would be if you didn’t have to mow your lawn all summer? What if you didn’t have to seed and water the garden either? And what if you could limit the mess completely. Look no further than and astro turf lawn. The low maintenance solution to all your garden problems and we are taking you to Hemlington in Middlesbrough this week to show you exactly what can be done with this fantastic product.

Say ‘No’ to ‘Mow’

We are at that time of the year again when we are continually mowing the lawn. In the space of a week grass usually grows 2-3cm however this can vary depending on weather and your location. With this beautiful weather we have been having in the North East, the grass has grown at a much quicker rate over the past few days and it seems like a never-ending job to mow, strim and cut into a perfect shape, our natural grass lawns. But does it need to take up so much of our time? No. Astro turf for lawns is becoming more popular due to the improvements in the way the product looks. A good quality astro turf grass can look and feel just like real grass and that is exactly what we offer at Lion Lawns.

The need to cut grass is non-existent and can be used just like natural grass in a garden.

A Lion Lawns Case Study

Our case study for the day starts here.

Location: Hemlington

Grass Type: Finesse Lite

Square Metres: 20m2

Days to Install: 1

disposing of natural turf

Natural grass is very heavy so for our install we cut the grass into sections and then dispose of it safely.

In the space of just one day the garden was not only transformed, but it will take so much time off maintenance and can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

astro turf lawn before and after

(Left) The natural grass being cut up into manageable sections and then removed. (Right) the artificial grass immediately after being power brushed to allow the grass blades to stand up tall and replicate a lush lawn.

astro turf lawn

(Above) The complete installation

For more information on an astro lawn install, contact the Teesside team today on 01642 713 555