Ever wanted to create something truly amazing in your garden? A way to optimise the space but something to keep you occupied as well? Garden golf tee’s could be your way forward. Many people all over the UK opt for our elite high performance golf putt turf but did you know that if you happen to live in or around the Teesside area, we can create a complete garden golf tee project designed in a bespoke way so that you can love and be able to use your garden in the way that you want.


Golf cups are included in the install

2016 has been no exception for fantastic garden golf tee’s.

Garden Golf Tee’s

This one below was in Redcar which created a home garden golf tee with our British manufactured turf.

garden golf tee

Redcar golf putting green

This summer we created a project in Houghton-le-Spring…

garden golf tee

Houghton-le-spring golf green

We can even elevate a garden golf tee for you

garden golf tee

Elevated golf tee

Take a look at our putting green sectionyou will be able to see even more fantastic garden golf tee’s and what turf should be used. 

Alternatively, contact us directly using the information below:

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