We’re in the middle of a heatwave here at Lion Lawns and this is the perfect weather for a synthetic turf install for your garden. We have been everywhere from Upleatham to Northallerton, Hutton Rudby to Hartlepool this week. But today’s story is on this Acklam garden where it took just one day to complete.


Existing Base: Natural grass

Artificial Grass Type: Finesse Lite

Days to Install: One day

Location: Acklam, Middlesbrough

Number of joins needed: One

Square metre rate: 43.6m2

Our clients in Acklam decided that the best option to tidy up their back lawn and provide a low maintenance solution was to create a completely new surface with synthetic turf. So, Lion Lawns were yesterday contracted to do the work and it really has made a difference already!

synthetic turf install

Left to right: The natural garden and after the synthetic turf install

The natural grass is removed and then a new base is created to form a sturdy surface to lay the new artificial grass on. This helps to make sure it is long-lasting and durable for many years to come.artificial lawn

Lion Lawns come with an 8 year product warranty and 2 year installation guarantee, enquire here for more information, call 01642 713 555 or email info@lionlawns.co.uk