Finance has well and truly taken off at Lion Lawns. The option to finance your garden and spread the cost over a period of 12 months is proving to be a big hit and we completed another project just yesterday in Darlington, Teesside. Our customer was fed up with having to mow the lawn and wanted an effective option to ensure the garden stayed bright and vibrant, but without the maintenance of natural grass. If you know us at Lion Lawns, then you’ll know that this is our kind of thing.



The garden was overgrown and had no structure, the grass was out of control and it was difficult to reach the beautiful patio area at the bottom of the garden. A solution was needed fast.

Vision Deluxe

The product chosen by the customer was our luxury Vision Deluxe. The top spec product in our range. Why? Vision Deluxe has some rare properties that aren’t always available in every supplier on the market. The 30mm pile height product may seem a little longer than our other products however it is clever enough to know how to bounce back upright in the correct position. Plus, did you know that there aren’t many all green products on the market? Vision Deluxe is an all green product which means there’s no brown thatch running through, unlike Finesse and Eden. And you can finance your garden on any of our products!



Even battling through the weather, we were able to neaten up the garden into something sensational!


We added stepping stones to create a path running through the garden

Lion Lawns have installed many gardens in Darlington before but not all had the option to ‘finance your garden’. This new offer can give you the perfect summer 2017 garden. Enquire today:

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