The Fake Lawn…

Picture this… You are having a family barbecue, you’ve invited the neighbours round and the children are playing on the grass happily. Suddenly it starts to rain (you know the British weather!), what do you do?


Fake Lawn-Distant-Photo

The fake lawn in Redcar

There are two scenarios here:

A) The rain becomes uncontrollable and everyone is running around trying to bring all of the equipment in. The lawn has been tread on and has ended up all over the pathway. Mud and mess is everywhere. The next day the sun is shining but the grass has patches all over and needs a tonne of grass seed and fertiliser. You contemplate putting stones over the garden to mask the untidiness. But then where will the children play with their toys?

B) The umbrellas go up, you bring all equipment in and sit in the living room, chatting happily with absolutely no worry about the garden. The next day everything is perfect, the sun is shining and you sit on your deckchair, toes in the grass with a care-free smile on your face


Scenario B is definitely favourable, but how is this possible?

Not only do fake lawns look good but they are incredibly weather proof and are guaranteed for 8 years. At Lion Lawns the only thing ‘fake’ about us is our lawns! We are professional, only work with reputable suppliers and provide high quality installations and supply only artificial turf.

Eden is one of our types of artificial grass that we offer at Lion Lawns to install a fake lawn for your residential garden. Eden includes light reflective technology, omni directional blades and memory yarn technology which enables recovery after activity, (perfect if you like to sit out in the garden admiring the vibrant green tones of your lawn).

Eden fake grass sample

Eden Fake Grass

To read more about Eden then click here

Redcar Fake Lawn Installation

This leads us to the Redcar Project which we completed earlier this year installed with Eden grass. The good thing about our lawn installations is we can work with any area, octagonal, pentagonal, square, circle you name it and we can do it! If you enjoy looking at your Hydrangeas and Begonia plants, we can keep these as flower beds and install around tricky areas. It is your garden and we want you to be proud of it! Imagine a bright green fake lawn that looks like a fantastically maintained real lawn all year round, that is how realistic they look! We won’t tell if you won’t!

Baseworks before fake lawn

The garden already had the baseworks to install the fake lawn, however we can also take up your original lawn and install the new lawn

Full view of the fake Lawn

This garden looks modern, neat and the fabulous thing is it will be like this all year round!

Fake Lawn in Redcar with specialist edging

The fake lawn is perfectly manicured!

Fake Lawn in Redcar with fire pit and white pebble gravel

The green really portrays a realistic garden

The customer was very happy with the final look of the garden, and so were we!

We also offer a range of patio and decking artificial turf types, to read more about them please click here

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