The first point of contact with many people as they come to your home is the external features. The garden being one of these. Often home owners are left with the dreaded feeling of worry thinking of when they are going to get the garden looking as good as ever! We have that covered at Lion Lawns

As homeowners we want our gardens to look beautiful! It’s nice being able to look out of the window and be proud of what you see. To not have to worry about the everyday struggles of keeping that lush green colour. To be able to invite your friends around for a barbecue without having to tidy up the lawn first. Have you ever actually thought about an artificial grass garden?

We can take all of your troubles away. Many people have never actually thought about an artificial lawn but we are here to tell you that this stress free process can make your life so much easier! With a variety of different grass types to choose from and the best in customer service, you can always be confident that you are getting exactly what you want choosing Lion Lawns.

Just take a look at some of these gardens that we completed recently to give you an idea on what you could be getting with Lion Lawns artificial gardens…

artificial garden

Artificial gardens deliver eye-catching results

Fancy a Lion Lawns garden? Call us today and unlock the possibilities for your garden. Whether that be front, back or side, an odd shape or size, we can artificial turf almost anything! Just use the contact details below:

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