You cannot put artificial grass on top of soil under any circumstances. Many clients often come to us with questions about what surface to lay artificial grass on, whether that be decking, paving, concrete or sand. But why can’t you lay artificial grass on top of soil?

Problems can arise from this such as:

  • The artificial grass will sink.
  • All of the growth underneath will start to decompose and therefore will let off an awful odour
  • Weeds and bulbs would push up through the surface and can grow up through the perforated backing of the artificial grass
  • Safety, the grass could move as it is not securely fitted
  • Weather would change the state of the soil and therefore this will move frequently.

Even if your soil surface looks even and sturdy, this is not at all suitable to lay artificial grass on.


The best bet is to strip back your surface to the soil. Then:

  • Create a perimeter of plastic composite edging
  • Invest in a good quality weed membrane
  • Compact the centre with a crushed limestone (or suitable alternative)
  • Fit the artificial grass over the top
  • Screw into the composite edging perimeter
  • Sand infill to recommended kgs per square metre (as with your manufacturer)
  • Brush and final groom

Lion Lawns cannot emphasise enough that you should never put artificial grass on top of soil. We would hate for any serious injury due to safety hazards taking place.

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