Did you go through a phase of paving your garden? Perhaps it looks a little dull over time. Well more homeowners across the UK are turning to artificial grass, because…

Yes, you can lay artificial grass on slabs! Paving slabs, block paving, concrete and tarmac. We do however recommend as even a surface as possible. This may mean patching up the base or even installing an underlay type product such as a rubber sports mat or even a shock pad (especially if it is going to be used by the little ones).

Why Artificial Grass on Paving Slabs?

Firstly, although paving might look beautiful when it is first install, it does discolour over time. Plus weeds and spores pop up through the cracks too. Now many people choose paving as it is low maintenance but actually there is very little difference between maintaining paving and maintaining artificial grass. Both options are very easy to look after.

Artificial grass is colourful and bright without bringing a coldness to the garden. Plus, its soft and perfect for those long summers in the garden and those cold winter evenings building a snowman with the family.


How Easy is Artificial Grass to Install on Paving Slabs?

This is probably one of the easiest bases to work with when it comes to laying artificial grass (plus the most cost-effective too!) this is because artificial grass can literally be stuck down on top of the slabs with specialist glue.

How Much of a Difference Does Artificial Grass Make in a Garden?

The picture speaks for itself…


After a one day install at New Marske with 14.8 square metres of our Finesse Lite artificial grass

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